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occupational therapy services

Occupational therapy involves helping your child participate fully in school and social situations, using a holistic approach focused on adapting the task and environment to fit your child. We offer high quality services for children the following areas:


Sensory Processing Evaluation & Therapy

Sensory processing refers to the brain's ability to process information coming in through the seven sensory systems: visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, tactile, vestibular, and proprioceptive. Some children struggle to process the information in their environments which results in a state of dysregulation. Occupational therapy aims to help children to learn to process the information in order to stay regulated and to perform to the best of their abilities. 


Fine Motor Development Evaluation & Therapy

Fine motor skill development relies on the coordination of the small muscle groups of the hands. Occupational therapy works to help develop and strengthen those skills as they directly affect activities of daily living.  We attempt to hide the work as play in order to create fun sessions while targeting age-appropriate skill acquisition in the areas of self-feeding, handwriting, grooming, and play. 


Visual Motor/Perceptual Development Evaluation & Therapy

Many children have trouble with visual motor integration (VMI), or coordinating external visual stimuli to gross and fine motor movements. This can be as simple as watching the teacher write a word on the board and copying that word down on paper, or building a Lego masterpiece using the guidebook. It can also affect a child’s spatial awareness (bumping into walls, getting “too close” while talking to a friend). Occupational therapists help children learn strategies to process and integrate this information efficiently for success in the classroom and on the playground.